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Welcome to the Maryland Healthcare Decision Making Website. Howard L. Sollins, Esquire, Jack Schwartz, Esquire, and Paul Ballard, Esquire, Co-Editors.

Our goal is to offer resources for doctors, nurses, social workers, administrators and other health care professionals who need to provide care that complies with the Maryland Health Care Decision Act. We understand that, although your patients may have advance directives, living wills, powers of attorney and other documents in place, carrying out their wishes within the proper legal framework requires thoughtful and careful consideration.

On this website, you will find forms, guidelines, tools and references to help navigate the sometimes complex and sensitive issues involved in managing health care decisions, including end-of-life issues, for patients. Full text of the Maryland Health Care Act is included, along with a briefer summary of the Act. We've organized the information so that you can access and fill in individual forms, or download a PDF containing all of the information on the site. Finally, we offer links to other resources that you may find useful.

This website was prepared by the Ober|Kaler law firm (now the firm of Baker Donelson) and the Maryland Attorney General's Office. We gratefully acknowledge the ongoing contribution of Jack Schwartz, former Assistant Attorney General and Director of Health Policy in the Maryland Attorney General's Office, and Paul Ballard, Assistant Attorney General and Counsel for Health Decisions Policy, as well as the continuing work of Baker Donelson attorney Kristin Cilento Carter.

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